M&S Consulting headquartered in Houston, Texas serves N. America with digital marketing, internet SEO (inbound/outbound) lead generation and business development. We also specialize in energy-ETRM & power bid-to-bill technology consulting.

Our goal is to increase our client’s bottom line through improved digital marketing, lead generation and business development.  

We are a certified digital marketing firm, specializing in the implementation of the top-rated inbound SEO tools and analytics. We offer a combination of software and services that guarantee organic ranking results that foster leads.

At M&S Consulting, we strive to optimize every important aspect of your mission critical business processes delivering results that effect your bottom line business performance.

We Help Good Businesses Become Great!

Redefining Business Excellence

with Proven Techniques and Programs

Digital Strategy


PESO- Paid Earned

Shared Owned -PR

Digital Marketing

SEM, PPC & Paid Search Marketing Expert

Complete YouTube Services


Production & Marketing


Sales- Solutions-CRM


Business Development

Inbound Lead Generation Program

Product Marketing

Outbound Mass Email Expert

Website Design- SEO

 Organic Ranking 

System Selection

Energy- ETRM

Power Renewables


System Selections 



 = Bottom Line Improvement! 

Met and Exceeded Our Clients Goals
Digital Marketing Consultant- Austin -Houston Texas Digital Marketing Consultant


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